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How It Works
The RHINO was developed and designed to completely protect 
your gutters from ALL debris. The aluminum body coupled with the
strong aluminum/mesh membrane creates a "beam like" strength 
that will not deflect under snow loads and it actually reinforces the 
gutter system to prevent compression deformation from ladders. 
The stainless steel mesh is "hemmed" around the expanded 
aluminum substrate PRIOR to the roll forming operation. This 
patent pending design/process creates latitudinal tension that 
NONE of the competition can replicate and it forces the stainless 
mesh to ALWAYS be in contact with the substrate. The aluminum 
body is then mechanically crimped to the mesh/substrate assembly 
to create the RHINO's strength and durability.

The RHINO also employs a bend at the back so it can be mounted 
at the fascia as well as the front lip. This installation method yields 
a "slight" forward slope to augment "debris shedding". The fascia 
mount method means NO interface with the roof shingles and it allows the water to "drop" vertically from the roof edge to drive it through the RHINO's optimally sized mesh. Water will never "skid over" as is the case with the majority of the competition's products.

The RHINO's simplistic yet logical design approach has revolutionized the gutter protection industry and it's performance is second to NO other system available. Additionally, the embossed "Rhino Skin" in the aluminum helps ensure that leaves and other debris cannot "stick" to the product.

The RHINO Gutter Guard is SERIOUS GUTTER PROTECTION! Don't let anything else protect your gutters. Get The RHINO today! 
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